Allergen-Free Cooking

I knew that my daughter had some food sensitivities. She would get rashes sometimes, but it was never a serious situation . . . until suddenly it was. The occasional rashes became constant, and she began to have stomach issues. My sweet little girl was suddenly temperamental, fussy, and cried constantly. Her face, arms and legs were breaking out, and I couldn’t figure out why. It would get better for a day or two and then would be red, itchy and inflamed again. I felt imprisoned by this cycle of doom and powerless to stop it.

Thankfully, I recognized that understanding her limitations would be the first step in breaking free.

I took her to the allergist, knowing our way of life was about to change, but even this knowledge didn’t prepare me for the horror of watching those welts swell and spread across her little back. The final verdict took my breath away. She was allergic to rice, oat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, all legumes, all fish, all shellfish, egg, and dairy . . . as well as a host of inhalants.

I returned home in shock, unsure of what I could feed her. I went shopping and wandered the aisles in a daze. Everything . . . EVERYTHING contained one of her allergens. It was a nightmare.

Two things I have learned: 1. Pay close attention to labels, and 2. You can still eat, and eat WELL.

Even though it seemed impossible at the time, modifying recipes has gotten easier. Two things I have learned: allergies are REAL . . . pay close attention to labels and avoid ALL known allergens, and . . . you don’t have to let go of EVERYTHING you love. You can still eat, and eat well. I modify recipes for my family daily, and I’ll share new recipes with substitution suggestions as I go along. Please feel free to share your experience, ask a question, or to offer suggestions!

As a disclaimer, I am not an expert, but an experimenter. Please consult a physician if you feel that your food allergies are out of control. Also, while some of my recipes are vegan, I am not vegan. I never have been. If I have vegan moments, they are accidental. That being said, please use my recipes to add to a vegan lifestyle if that’s your path. Cheers!


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